Welcome to my little corner of the web–I’m glad you found me here! I started this site a year and half into our fertility journey in order to share my story with others.  I hope that this site can paboutrovide resources and emotional support to others in similar situations.  If you came looking for me here, I am truly sorry because that likely means you have experienced the long waiting, the sadness, the loss, the missing hope, or the jealously that has likely accompanied your own story.

My husband and I have been trying to conceive since September, 2016.  In that time, we tried naturally, which resulted in one miscarriage at 8 weeks due to Turner’s Syndrome.  I have recently started fertility treatments and acupuncture.  I know that I am still a “newbie” when compared to some of my sisters who have lived through years and years of hope and loss and needles and hormones.

This process is a lot of things, but mostly, it is isolating.

The most common advice I have been given is: “Just Relax.” I was previously a person that prided myself in my ability to stay sane during stressful situations.  I have run 15 marathons, I have a graduate degree, and I passed state boards while working full time.  The problem when it came to “Just Relax” in the fertility world is that all my go-to stress relievers were all of the sudden off-limits.  I couldn’t head out the front door and run 20 miles to burn off steam because the doctors were worried about my uterine lining.  I couldn’t have my girlfriends over for wine and cheese, because half the time I might be pregnant.  Therefore, I hope this site will allow me to share my experience and give practical advice while also sharing ways I have modified my stress-relieving strategies to support trying to conceive.