CD 1

Well here I am.  My emotions have been all over the place during this process.  I have been sad, frustrated, hopeful, stressed.  And sometimes I just feel like screaming really loud and throwing things.  Ok, sometimes I actually throw things.

I found out two days ago that our second IUI cycle was negative. My first reaction was to cry.  The medical assistant on the phone assured me that I was responding well to the meds and my husband’s samples were good.  The nurse said there was the same chance of success next cycle as this one.  Everyone tells me just to stay positive.  It’s hard for me to stay positive without feeling productive, so here I am–attempting to turn all these emotions and experiences into something productive.  As we start our 3rd cycle and enter the second half of the second year of trying, I hope to pool my energy into drawing, writing, and sharing in this space.  screaming